Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Count My Vote

Here it is time for the election and the political civil war is starting to gain attention from both the rich and the poor and also the gas pump as well. I have had many people come at me and ask me who I am going to vote for and why. I look at them in a astonishment and tell them that my vote will never find it's way to any ballot poll because I will not vote. My reasons are easy. Everytime that I seem to see the ability to vote I try to vote the lesser of the two evils and yet in this race I feel as if there really is no "lesser evil". Let me break it down for you that are still looking at me and saying that I am almost looking like Hitler in the US.

Hillary has no idea how to lead a country and does not have a good basis to go behind. I mean when Bill Clinton was in office getting his rocks off on Monica...where was Hillary? She was no where to be found and she stood by her man as if he had done nothing wrong. Last I checked he did two things that really were wrong. One he lied to the american people cause he didn't understand the difference between oral sex and just sex sounds like someone needs to go back to sex ed class for a do over course, and secoundly he had a affair while in office. Now I know that moreless the average idiot male in america probably does have a affair and yet for him it became public long before he could even try on one of the ties that Monica gave him as a thank you gift. So to say the least Hillary is a complete joke and one of those types of people who really needs to take a long look at herself. For that matter so does anyone who votes for her cause if you support her then I wonder about your own moral.

Obama....well if my memory recalls me isn't there someone on the America's Most Wanted list that is #1 that kinda sounds familiar to this guy? I don't know but that just doesn't sit right with me. I don't want to see him in office and then have the national day of prayer be in Islam the next day with people with shot guns right above us telling us to pray and read faster.

And then finally there is John McCain that poor guy is really up a muddy creek if you get my drift cause he represents the republican party which already is sporting a really nice looking black eye ( that seems to be only getting blacker ) and he is pretty old. I mean the poor guy would probably be on a resperator by the time he got out of office in four years and if he was good for the first four, it would be hard for him to be re-elected in that condition. Also the guy is starting to sound like bush. I mean just ask him a hard question and you might find out what he doesn't like to eat just to avoid the subject.

Anyways, my final point is this...unfortunately bush is not the whole problem, remember there is a whole goverment system behind him. I think we need to give this nation back to the people and have a fire sale with all the suit and tie freaks that we think are doing everything in our best interest. yeah right!

This is why I am not going to vote and I would ask that you really think about who you are voting for as well and really think if it is wise to vote for that person. I understand a vote is the voice of a person but so is not voting.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Universal Thought of a Non Universal God

It seems more and more I get to see the idea of God as more of a generalized subject thensomething that is truly a true feeling to someone. I talk to people about God and they get this glassy eyed stare like to say " yeah I know god " and in all matter of the wordthey have no idea of what to think of god. Their whole conception of god is that in whichthey found in a dictionary that their parents read to them when they were little or what they learned in school where god is locked out like a predetor. They say they know god and yet they are really relying on you to believe them on what they say and not tell them what you think god is because then they really have to think to themselves about what they reallydo think god is and that is a truly scary thing for those that have no clue about the truth.

I have looked at our currency and the saying " In God We Trust " was put on the US currency in or around the 1960's. I only realized this because when I have been collecting old currency and fall upon a bill that is old they words " In God We Trust " is no where to be found. Go find a old bill and see for yourself, or just ask a coin or currency collector.

I firmly believe that in this day and age there is more and more of a need to take that off the currency because of it being a slanderous statement of the original reasoning of why itwas put on our currency. We trusted God in the beginning and that God being the one with a capital G and the only God that should be trusted and yet now we have this distorted view ofwho God is. We have so many gods that we are making a mockery of the very name god andmaking a mockery of ourselves in the process. We have a god for everything and everypersonfor every underlining cause and belief system. The god in which we trust now is a universalgod. It is the god of money, the god of power, the god of whatever you want, the god of me.

The thinking of god that we have now is a selfish, judgemental, unrepenting, unforgiving, repolsive nature that is becoming moreand more accepted and the old thinking of God the one that is true and right and just is being shown the door because He is wanting ( what we think ) is too much time out of our lives and doesn't give us what we want.

Who is your god? Is your god your pay check? Is your god your shoes or your husband or wife? Is your god your kids? Do you see your money and whatever your money can get youis that god to you? Or is God truly God and everything else a blessing no matter how littleor much you have? Next time you take a dollar out or a five or a ten or whatever...thinkfor a moment who is God to you...make sure you truly know the answer to that...cause one day you are going to be asked that and your answer will matter.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nevermind The Past

The past is gone and thrown away
My life getting moulded like wet clay
Pressing and pushing me
Trying to complete me and set me free
My past has been shown
My future hopefully not a clone
Never ending this student like act
Feeling and living life without slack
Leaving nothikng to chance or phase
So here is my life also a maze
Don't give up because of failure
Because in the past there is no Savior

Satan Oh, Satan

In full regards to Shell Silverstien's poem Homework Oh Homework Format

Satan, Oh Satan
I despise you, Your Bleak!
He who is Jesus is who I seek
I know in Jesus name you have no power over me
One drop of blood
Will cast you away
Satan, Oh Satan
In Jesus Name I cast you away

I rather seek His face
Then walk in the ways of this world
Never looking back
And seeing what I lack
Your temptations haunt me
Yet His grace I shall see
Why you Oh, Satan
Have tried to rule man

Satan, Oh Satan
At you I shake my fist
I know my own value
And you continually persist
Yet with Christ blood
I have been cleared
Satan, Oh Satan
I despise you, You cunning freak!

I Love You For You

You may have your faults
Yet so do I
I have bad days and so do you
But love is kind
and that is why
I love you for you

I may ramble on about nothing
And you may get on my nerves
Yet we are no where near perfect
And for this reason love is patient
And I love you for you

I may have more accomplishments
You may have more compliments
Yet we praise eachother always
And love does not envy
I love you for you

You may have more money
I may have more skill
But we work together
and love does not boast
I love you for you

You may stumble and fall
I may sometimes sin
Yet we help and encourage eachother
and love rejoices in the truth
and I love you for you

You may want a house on a lake
I may want a car that is sporty
We both share and pray for these
And love hopes in all things
I love you for you

You might need me at two in the morning
I might need to cry on your shoulder
We know we are there for eachother always
Love endures all things
I love you for you

One day you will be waiting for me
And that day we will surely meet
For we are always united as one
And love is always with us
This is why always
I love you for you

What Easter TRULY is....the sermon.

Easter is still something that I love and truly rejoice about and remember when I was younger taking part in many activities of easter egg hunts and wanting to see it come cause I knew that I was going to get money or something from my parents and others in my family. Yet as we get older like we all do there are many things that we come to realize. Like santa clause not being real and that really making us feel bad or that the tooth fairy is really your parents trading your tooth out for some money and hoping it hasn't been there for a long time. I can already see many of you looking at this and going, " ok what is your point? ". My point is this as much as we love to celebrate the holidays and know how much fun it is when once a year we are able to be happy just for a glimpse of a moment and that we want to take photographs and remember them forever....there is one thing that we all forget about when we find ourselves in " Fantasy Land ". The one thing that we forget is that there is a reason for Christmas and there is also a reason for Easter. Later I will touch on the reason for Chistmas and it will almost recipicate what I am saying for Easter just a different conotation or story line. Although I do promise you that the people will stay the same in both stories so please stay tuned for that one!!:)

Yet let us take a look at Easter for one moment. Bunnies and candy and eggs being decorated. Is this not what we as materialistic, idol worshipping people do? We see less and less the true meaning of Easter coming forth. Look at the way we are raising our kids...teaching them that it is fun to paint eggs...eagerly watching them look for eggs with money or candy in them. What is the notion behind this trickery?

Easter is a time for celebration yes and we do have that right but it is the time to celebrate our freedom if we are christians. It is because of Jesus Christ sacrifice on the cross and the blood that is spilt that is the REAL reason behind Easter. We never read Jesus gathering Easter eggs or you never hear of him talking about a easter bunny. Jesus was sacrificed and died so that we could be free and it is that freedom that is through him that we all have or can have and that is the reason we should be celebrating.

During Easter there is a time that we as christians are called to sacrifice something whether it be big or small until Easter Sunday and this is a fasting time to reflect on how Christ sacrificed so much more for us....his life. Easter can be a great time for all and yet we are a world of complainers and complicators and judgemental indivituals. Christ never said that it was going to be easy but look how much he did for us just so that we could have eternal life with him. There is nothing more sacrificial then sacrificing your own life for others. He got flogged in public was made fun of in public and then had to walk all the way to his execution with the very instrument that was going to be his " death bed "....a heavy wooden cross. In his whole trip to Galgotha Jesus only stumbled three times and that is a maricle in of it's self for how badly he was beaten and torn apart and on top of all that he has a crown of thorns implanted into his skull with blood running down his face and the sun beating down on his blood soaked half naked body.

I challange each of us whether we are christian or not to just think about this and just truly think about what we can do to just for one time a year go back and reflect what this humble, selfless, gentle and absolute loving son of God did for each of us. As he walked that painful, dark and lonesome path he had each of us on his mind and went through everything cause he wants to see each one of us again when we pass from this world and are looking at him face to face in heaven.

Whether you are christian or not my prayer and challenge is to look at this story more carefully this easter and really make it a true attempt to not try to understand the logic of Christ love but to embrace him and give your love and gratitude back to him in whatever way you see fit.

The simple fact to easter is this....Christ died so that we as sinful as we can be on our darkest day always can wake up knowing we can be welcomed into eternal life and loved forever.


Definition of a Holiday

Everlasting Provider
Alpha & Omega
Sinners Sacrifice
Thought Provoker
Endless Love Provider
Redeemer & Restorer