Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Universal Thought of a Non Universal God

It seems more and more I get to see the idea of God as more of a generalized subject thensomething that is truly a true feeling to someone. I talk to people about God and they get this glassy eyed stare like to say " yeah I know god " and in all matter of the wordthey have no idea of what to think of god. Their whole conception of god is that in whichthey found in a dictionary that their parents read to them when they were little or what they learned in school where god is locked out like a predetor. They say they know god and yet they are really relying on you to believe them on what they say and not tell them what you think god is because then they really have to think to themselves about what they reallydo think god is and that is a truly scary thing for those that have no clue about the truth.

I have looked at our currency and the saying " In God We Trust " was put on the US currency in or around the 1960's. I only realized this because when I have been collecting old currency and fall upon a bill that is old they words " In God We Trust " is no where to be found. Go find a old bill and see for yourself, or just ask a coin or currency collector.

I firmly believe that in this day and age there is more and more of a need to take that off the currency because of it being a slanderous statement of the original reasoning of why itwas put on our currency. We trusted God in the beginning and that God being the one with a capital G and the only God that should be trusted and yet now we have this distorted view ofwho God is. We have so many gods that we are making a mockery of the very name god andmaking a mockery of ourselves in the process. We have a god for everything and everypersonfor every underlining cause and belief system. The god in which we trust now is a universalgod. It is the god of money, the god of power, the god of whatever you want, the god of me.

The thinking of god that we have now is a selfish, judgemental, unrepenting, unforgiving, repolsive nature that is becoming moreand more accepted and the old thinking of God the one that is true and right and just is being shown the door because He is wanting ( what we think ) is too much time out of our lives and doesn't give us what we want.

Who is your god? Is your god your pay check? Is your god your shoes or your husband or wife? Is your god your kids? Do you see your money and whatever your money can get youis that god to you? Or is God truly God and everything else a blessing no matter how littleor much you have? Next time you take a dollar out or a five or a ten or whatever...thinkfor a moment who is God to you...make sure you truly know the answer to that...cause one day you are going to be asked that and your answer will matter.

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