Monday, January 21, 2008

Never More By

As I lay one late night dreary
Thinking about myself being somewhat leary
There quietly laying inside, with a fire roaring
Listening to the rain from outside pouring
As I started to lose my focus
There was a emptyness, nothing to notice
Suddenly there was a tapping on my heart
I ask myself " Who is tapping this late and dark?"
I just ignored it and let it go as nothing
I continued to hear it and hoped their not bluffing
As I continued to do nothing it only got louder
I can feel with every minute my ego getting prouder
With a role of my eyes I went to see whats the matter
It must be a emergency with so much clatter
I get to the door and open it up
And these solemn eyes meet me like the eyes of a pup
A thin figure stands before me as I look
And in his right hand he is holding a big book
As I look at him there is a sheer light
Almost to the point of it being to bright
He gives me a look that makes me feel bare
Yet somehow I feel welcome and feel even near
Before even a word comes and he starts to speak
In his presence I feel so strong yet meak
He approaches me in a inviting way
And my heart becomes open and I want him to stay
He looks at me and all he has to say " Never More "
With those words all things flourish as I hit the floor
He continues to say " My child with me..."
And I look at him and think... could it be?
And he finishes " shall sin...never more."
As I hear those words I let them sink to the core
Once this is said the tears weld up in my eyes
As every thought I think reveals to be lies
I sink into his arms and weep like a baby
Fighting to believe thinking...yes...just maybe?
I am truly loved, not in this world alone
As I come to this realization I let out a groan
As I close the door and know he is here with me
I truly am able to feel complete and free
And as I sit down I think about what instore
Knowing it will be good because he is with me and I am alone
Never More

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Resilient Hawk said...

Well done! Edgar Allan Poe might be turning in his grave, but you have done a great job.