Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Count My Vote

Here it is time for the election and the political civil war is starting to gain attention from both the rich and the poor and also the gas pump as well. I have had many people come at me and ask me who I am going to vote for and why. I look at them in a astonishment and tell them that my vote will never find it's way to any ballot poll because I will not vote. My reasons are easy. Everytime that I seem to see the ability to vote I try to vote the lesser of the two evils and yet in this race I feel as if there really is no "lesser evil". Let me break it down for you that are still looking at me and saying that I am almost looking like Hitler in the US.

Hillary has no idea how to lead a country and does not have a good basis to go behind. I mean when Bill Clinton was in office getting his rocks off on Monica...where was Hillary? She was no where to be found and she stood by her man as if he had done nothing wrong. Last I checked he did two things that really were wrong. One he lied to the american people cause he didn't understand the difference between oral sex and just sex sounds like someone needs to go back to sex ed class for a do over course, and secoundly he had a affair while in office. Now I know that moreless the average idiot male in america probably does have a affair and yet for him it became public long before he could even try on one of the ties that Monica gave him as a thank you gift. So to say the least Hillary is a complete joke and one of those types of people who really needs to take a long look at herself. For that matter so does anyone who votes for her cause if you support her then I wonder about your own moral.

Obama....well if my memory recalls me isn't there someone on the America's Most Wanted list that is #1 that kinda sounds familiar to this guy? I don't know but that just doesn't sit right with me. I don't want to see him in office and then have the national day of prayer be in Islam the next day with people with shot guns right above us telling us to pray and read faster.

And then finally there is John McCain that poor guy is really up a muddy creek if you get my drift cause he represents the republican party which already is sporting a really nice looking black eye ( that seems to be only getting blacker ) and he is pretty old. I mean the poor guy would probably be on a resperator by the time he got out of office in four years and if he was good for the first four, it would be hard for him to be re-elected in that condition. Also the guy is starting to sound like bush. I mean just ask him a hard question and you might find out what he doesn't like to eat just to avoid the subject.

Anyways, my final point is this...unfortunately bush is not the whole problem, remember there is a whole goverment system behind him. I think we need to give this nation back to the people and have a fire sale with all the suit and tie freaks that we think are doing everything in our best interest. yeah right!

This is why I am not going to vote and I would ask that you really think about who you are voting for as well and really think if it is wise to vote for that person. I understand a vote is the voice of a person but so is not voting.

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Resilient Hawk said...

I made my decision. Count my vote.